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kitchen-ec2 image filter for CentOS is not strict enough

I came across an issue this week where the default image search for CentOS in kitchen-ec2 tried to pull in an image not provided by CentOS themselves. It seems sketchy to say the least, and is likely a potential security issue for anyone just blindly accepting marketplace subscriptions.


Here are the details of the ticket I opened (24494). I was instructed to submit this as an enhancement in addition to it being marked as a bug on the backend.




I noticed a very strange issue with kitchen-ec2 today. The CentOS image filter appears to be broken in that it does not point to the official CentOS AMIs. The error (attached in a text file) points to this marketplace URL which looks sketchy to say the least:

My guess is that this line isn't a great way to filter the images?

If I adjust my kitchen file under the centos-7 platform with filters, a more correct image is chosen.

- name: centos-7
owner-alias: aws-marketplace
product-code: aw0evgkw8e5c1q413zgy5pjce

That product code is pulled directly from the CentOS wiki:

A further mystery (I think this is outside of your scope) is why the latest image is used according to the AWS portal, but the /etc/centos-release file does not match).

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  • Feb 27 2020
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    Tim Smith commented
    25 Jan 05:48am

    This issue was resolved in kitchen-ec2 3.7.1, which shipped July 2020.