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`chef-run` User Defined Named Run List

As a `chef-run` operator,

I would like an option that allows me to implement a `named_run_list` from a Policyfile,

So that I have the ability to use a single Policyfile that has the ability to `do many things`, which in turn will allow me to better orchestrate my adhoc tasks

For example, I would hope the option would look something like this:

`chef-run ssh:// web/ --named-run-list ‘disable-alerts’`

`chef-run ssh:// web/ --named-run-list ‘restart-service’`

`chef-run ssh:// web/ --named-run-list ‘enable-alerts’`

Assumed is the `web/` cookbook has a declared Policyfile.rb to more easily manage my dependencies ..

“But Greg, they can just define the recipe they want to use and it will autogenerate the run_list for you !!”

This is true, but there is also some demand that a `chef-run` operator be able to declare a user-defined Policyfile as a resource, and not have to clone and define a cookbook and/or recipes as the resource .. If this happens, IMO the only way to allow for mutli-purpose Policyfiles would be to allow the user to define a named run list as an option .. Maybe there is an alternative/better way ??

  • Gregory Spranger
  • Sep 25 2019
  • Currently Declined
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