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Cookstyle cop that would check if cookbook_file path matches existing file

In resources like cookbook_file or template, if I will provide non-existing file in path, then no Cookstyle cop will report to me that this file does not exist.

For example:

cookbook_file 'resource-name' do

path 'default/directory/file'



if there is no file in files/default/directory, then I will not know that and Cookstyle will not tell me that.

  • Grzegorz G
  • May 20 2020
  • Currently Declined
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  • Admin
    Tim Smith commented
    20 May, 2021 03:33pm

    This is certainly a place we'd like to explore expanding Cookstyle into, but at the moment it doesn't fit into our product backlog so I'm marking it as currently declined. We'll review the backlog in the future to see if there's room to pull in this new cop.