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Ability to delete service config from supervisor

We use effortless-config (ec) pattern for deploying services. We have a service, A, whose attributes were overriden by the EC. As the service evolved, we no longer needed overrides for the service and moved all attributes to service A's default.toml. The problem is that when the new version of the service got loaded, the supervisor overrode the default.toml with the values from the supervisor.

Currently the only way to remove config from the supervisor that I know of is to wipe the /hab/sup folder. It has the side effect of reloading all services again. It would be very helpful to have a command that we can run to wipe a service's config from the supervisor.

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  • May 14 2020
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  • Mike Krasnow commented
    23 Jul, 2020 08:33pm

    Thanks for the feedback Abhishek! I believe this is related to some issues around the expected behavior of hab config apply. As you noticed, there isn't currently a way to remove a rumor. That capability will take a bit of doing. Practically, though, you can just apply an empty config now and mimic the effect of removing a configuration rumor.

    I'll mark this idea as "likely" and we'll look at this as part of fixing the larger hab config apply behavior.