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Chef-client should support multiple -j options

Chef-client should support multiple -j/--json-attributes options and merge them.

~/chef $ cat a.json 
"my_cookbook": {
"attribute_a": 1
~/chef $ cat b.json
"run_list": [
"my_cookbook": {
"attribute_b": 1

With chef-client run and providing the above 2 json files, it should merge and associate both "attribute_a": 1 and "attribute_b": 1 to the node attributes. In current scenario, it just honours the last passed json file:

chef-client -z -c solo.rb -j a.json -j b.json

Node will have only "attribute_b": 1 and "attribute_a": 1 is ignored.

This also relates to which was auto closed via bot.

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  • Sep 28 2020
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