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Omnibus support for Mercurial sources

Would the Omnibus project be interested in a contribution to add Mercurial support in the source DSL directive?

I am the maintainer of the Heptapod project, an open source fork of GitLab that provides Mercurial support. Omnibus is a major packaging and deployment tool for GitLab, as well as for Heptapod (only partially at this stage).

Because its own source is versioned with Mercurial, the Heptapod project will need Mercurial support to complete its Omnibus packaging effort. I'd rather do it directly upstream in Omnibus so that other projects could use it than in our [configuration repository](

The DCO and Apache2 license are fine with me.

What do you think ?

  • Georges Racinet
  • Sep 23 2020
  • Out of Scope
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  • Tim Smith commented
    10 Feb, 2021 03:26am

    Thank you for submitting this. Omnibus primarily serves to build Chef products. We're glad that it has helped out other developers all over the world, but we don't put active development into functionality not required by Chef products. At Chef we build all our projects off GitHub so expanding core SCM functionality past git isn't something we'd be taking on. You're more than welcome to add this functionality and create a pull request to the project if you'd like to see it part of the tooling.