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Ensure latest release of Workstation is compatible with latest release of Infra client

The problem:

When attempting to use the latest version of Workstation (22.12 at the time) to build packages with a dependency on the latest Infra client (18.1 at the time), we received a number of internal Ruby gem dependency errors caused by a conflicting bundled version of Infra (17) included with Workstation.

After troubleshooting and opening a support case, we were informed that Workstation 22.12 was only tested with Infra 17, and thus it did not support Infra 18 (which had been out for several months at that point).

The solution:

Please coordinate release timelines for Infra client and Workstation so that the latest Workstation will be able to support the latest Infra client. We use these together in order to build Habitat packages in an automated pipeline, so having incompatibilities like this means we cannot just pin to 'latest' and instead remain stuck on old versions of Infra while waiting for Workstation to update.

At minimum, please at least include compatibility warnings in the release notes for Workstation stating that it has only been tested with version X of Infra client (17 in this example), and thus cannot guarantee to support any version higher than that. This will save end users from having to spend time testing compatibility or debugging errors that aren't related to their pipelines.

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  • Feb 8 2023
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