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Compliance Phase Only option from chef-client CLI

As an organization which is looking to adopt enhanced Compliance Phase offerings with Chef Infra runs, it would be helpful to have a way to trigger a Chef Infra Client run via chef-client cli option but only run the Compliance Phase, perhaps with a command-line option similar to chef-client --compliance .

This would allow the Node to pickup all available configuration settings for the Compliance Phase (or have those passed through via other CLI methods such as -o or --named-run-list ) and provide adhoc or interactive execution of only Compliance Phase components to evaluate the state of a system.

InSpec can be called directly currently, with inspec exec, however this then requires a user to assemble the correct command line sequence to find and execute desired profiles and send reporting data properly, while all of this data is already configured and available for Compliance Phase.

  • Collin McNeese
  • Feb 2 2022
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