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chef-server-ctl status should show the health of Elasticsearch (omnibus)

When running the chef-server-ctl status command in a standalone environment(Omnibus installation), the output details the status of the running processes currently. It would be helpful for troubleshooting diagnostics if the command output could render the green/yellow/red status of Elasticsearch via state or health as well, similar to the output of chef-backend-ctl status and chef-automate status so that administrators or operators could, at a glance, see the health of the Elasticsearch instance with the output of the status command.

If an Elasticsearch instance is in a RED status currently, running chef-server-ctl status will not indicate that there is an issue and will show processes running, lengthening the time it takes for self-diagnosis from an administrator in identifying the underlying cause of an issue they are experiencing with a Chef Infra Server deployment.

chef-server-ctl status output:

run: bookshelf: (pid 17554) 397s; run: log: (pid 17219) 432s
run: elasticsearch: (pid 17546) 397s; run: log: (pid 17049) 469s
run: nginx: (pid 31651) 356s; run: log: (pid 17377) 405s
run: oc_bifrost: (pid 17423) 398s; run: log: (pid 16942) 486s
run: oc_id: (pid 17473) 397s; run: log: (pid 16961) 475s
run: opscode-erchef: (pid 31586) 357s; run: log: (pid 17341) 426s
run: postgresql: (pid 17406) 399s; run: log: (pid 16442) 503s
run: redis_lb: (pid 31577) 358s; run: log: (pid 17716) 394s

chef-backend-ctl status output:

Service        Local Status        Time in State  Distributed Node Status
elasticsearch running (pid 6661) 1d 5h 59m 41s state: green; nodes online: 3/3
etcd running (pid 6742) 1d 5h 59m 39s health: green; healthy nodes: 3/3
leaderl running (pid 6788) 1d 5h 59m 35s leader: 1; waiting: 0; follower: 2; total: 3
postgresql running (pid 6640) 1d 5h 59m 43s leader: 1; offline: 0; syncing: 0; synced: 2
  • Collin McNeese
  • Nov 9 2021
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