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Remove the workstation app - or make it optional on all platforms.

Many enterprises don't allow their users to install their own software and want it to be distributed via MDM or SCCM or some other utility. So the usefulness of having a notification application telling you that you need to update to a new version of workstation is superfluous and especially in highly locked-down environments, unwanted.

I believe there are plans to allow users to use the app to change profiles for which Chef server they're connecting to, but again, a lot of enterprises and especially in the fintech area, it is essential that users not be able to connect directly to their Chef Servers to do work.

I believe that we could put update warnings into the chef and knife command line tooling, just as vagrant and terraform and other products do. That way it would be seen in logs, and in test kitchen runs, but would not install an additional app that companies might really not want to have for their users.

  • Davin Taddeo
  • Nov 8 2021
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