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File resource Checksums should match truncated Checksums

Moving from

while deploying a file with remote_file I have following errors :




Checksum on resource (713570) does not match checksum on content (713570)


As you see both checksum match.

chef-client release 12.0.0-1 and also 12.0.3-1 on ubuntu report the problem, chef until 11.16.4-1 work fine.

chef code :


remote_file("hidden_app") do

provider Chef::Provider::RemoteFile

action "create"

retries 0

retry_delay 2

default_guard_interpreter :default

path "/hidden/path/7135700/package.tgz"

backup 5

atomic_update true

source ["http://hidden.ip/path//package.tar.gz"]

use_etag true

use_last_modified true

declared_type :remote_file

cookbook_name "application"

recipe_name "hidenanme"

mode "0644"

checksum "7135700"



Checksum of the file manually :

`# sha256sum package.tar.gz

713570049424aee165d8dcc83bd27c3fc8281e61a2f268a215adf920f3ee7e9b package.tar.gz`

Cheksum found in chef cache file :



If I download manually the file and put it in the good place /hidden/path/7135700/package.tgz, then it works. Checksum against an existing file is working.

  • Tim Smith
  • Oct 3 2021
  • New
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