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Add a windows_certificate_binding resource to the core Chef client

In the deprecated windows cookbook, there is a resource called windows_certificate_binding. In v4.3.2 of that cookbook, there was a bug in the Get-ChildItem selection criteria that would attempt to bind to a non-SSL certificate:

Buggy code:

gci cert:\localmachine\MY | where { $_.subject -like '*{hostname}*' } | select -first 1 -expandproperty Thumbprint

When consulting with Chef support, a recommendation was to migrate to the v7.0.2 prior to its deprecation announcement. However, since the windows cookbook is now being deprecated, we need to have this functionality implemented in the core Chef client instead to fix this bug.

  • Tony Cheng
  • May 25 2021
  • Planned
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  • Tony Cheng commented
    28 May, 2021 07:23pm

    The "new" cookbook on the Supermarket does not address the original bug that selects certificates without confirming that they have the 'Server Authentication' OID in the EKU.

  • Tim Smith commented
    28 May, 2021 03:37am

    We've created a new cookbook on the Supermarket with the existing code from the Windows cookbook: We'll do minimal refactoring of codebase to bring it up to 2021 standards and then move that into Chef Infra Client where we can take customer feedback and further refine it.

  • Tony Cheng commented
    25 May, 2021 05:34pm

    Here are potential bug fixes to the underlying code:

    gci cert:\localmachine\MY -SSLServerAuthentication | where { $_.subject -like '*{hostname]*' } | select -first 1 -expandproperty Thumbprint

    Or this (in case the -SSLServerAuthentication parameter is not available for Get-ChildItem):

    gci cert:\localmachine\MY | where { $_.subject -like '*{hostname}*' -and $_.EnhancedKeyUsageList -like '*Server Authentication*' } | select -first 1 -expandproperty Thumbprint

    This will eliminate any certificates that do not have the proper OID in the EKU to provide SSL binding in the first place.

  • Lincoln Abbey commented
    25 May, 2021 04:37pm

    We could really use this bugfix. It looks like the bug reported in ticket #26109 (windows_certificate_binding resource does not bind properly when multiple certificates are available) still exists in the latest version of the (now deprecated) "windows" cookbook here: