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Build el8 "specific" versions of Chef Infra Client RPMs

The RHEL-8 version of chef is marked with "el7" in the version. I know it is compatible but qualys scans marked the package is being out of date. There is no complaint from the same RPM installed on CentOS-7. While we have marked it as an exception, I'd rather not. I'm afraid that we'll forget about it and it hide a problem when it actually is out-of-date.

Since qualys is a black box appliance, I have no insight into the actual implementation of the check.

The scan the reported the issue was performed by a third party and all I saw was a list of "out of date packages". Our in-house qualys scanner does not report the issue but we are generation behind.

  • Joe Nuspl
  • May 7 2021
  • Completed
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