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Workstation API to call chef-run so that I can integrate it into my app

We use a custom developed ASP.NET application that executes orchestration on an endpoint device using numerous backend service providers. We would receive a workflow into our application – such as a customer request for change or an automated alert on a condition and

Our application would then orchestrate the execution of a pre-defined workflow (script, commands, etc.) by delivering the call to action and variables payload (JSON) to the backend provider.

The backend provider (Chef Run) would receive the API call and JSON payload, pass the variables into the script which would be executed on the targeted endpoint

The backend provider would then alert the orchestrator that the job has run and return status

  • Mike Krasnow
  • Mar 29 2019
  • Currently Declined
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  • Lisa Stidham commented
    9 Jul, 2019 08:39pm

    Assigning to Mike based on comments above.

  • Bryan McLellan commented
    27 Jun, 2019 06:51pm

    The apt summary of this idea is adding features to Automate to provide similar functionality as Ansible Tower.

    Workstation is where we have exposed ad-hoc functionality to the user in the past, but Workstation is the desktop tool for users. An API implies a running service, which puts really this in Automate. Having an audit trail of the ad-hoc tasks should be considered a requirement for this feature as well, to underscore needing this in a central server.

    Automate Ad-hoc API would be something like this:

    - API to create, manage jobs including capturing results

    likely to execute 'chef-run' aka chef-apply on the server itself

    take a json object as input, likely to look like a node object, e.g. run-list, attributes

    capture and store output as a json object (for errors, would come from a chef formatter)

    api wouldn't be reponsible for data collector output, the infra client/chef-run wold

    create an audit log of who ran the commands 


    We need Krasnow to follow up for more information regarding priority of this idea relative to other work and if the above is close to the expect shape.

  • Ricardo Lupo commented
    23 Apr, 2019 02:00pm

    MChiang, current list of known opportunities with ARR impact is in the notes of this idea and/or in the google doc attached. 

  • Michael Chiang commented
    19 Apr, 2019 10:18pm

    We're trying to figure out the future workstation feature sets; this will be for consideration.  

    If we give customers this feature, will the delivery of this feature help drive sales? (Trying to figure out the impact of this) 

  • Ricardo Lupo commented
    5 Apr, 2019 01:57pm

    GE TechCO - > 5000 nodes

  • Ricardo Lupo commented
    2 Apr, 2019 05:40pm

    Morgan Stanley - Grow to cover entire Linux estate - 1.95MM uplift

  • Jeff Mery commented
    1 Apr, 2019 01:30pm

    Additional information on research already done:


    Known accounts/prospects w/ ARR or nodes -

    Existing Customers:

    • CVS - $450,000
    • Danske Bank - $667,000
    • AIG - $1,600,000
    • Citi - $1,200,000

    Current Prospects:

    • NTT Data - 100,000+ nodes
    • Secure-24 - 100,000+ nodes
    • MetLife - $450,000 upside over existing deployment