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config.toml - a list of all valid options//config in

In Automate you configure the box by creating a config.toml and then running either chef-automate deploy /path/to/config.toml if first run, or chef-automate config patch path/to/config.toml if patching later.

In Chef Infra Server you configure a box by updating the /etc/opscode/chef-server.rb and then running chef-server-ctl reconfigure

With regards to the latter, all options for the chef-server.rb are available in the following locations



However, with regards to Automate there is no such page containing all the valid and useful options for a config.toml file

This page should exist and should be listed on the website within the "Chef Automate > Reference” section.

Including this page will enable all chef-automate users to better understand their config.toml and allow people to better serve their needs without having to reference multiple pages

  • James McCormick
  • Feb 16 2022
  • Already Possible
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  • Corey Hemminger commented
    3 Nov, 2022 02:26pm

    this would better assist users and reduce support requests since users would be able to self-help themselves when configuring or tuning automate.

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