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chef-automate backup test - verify your backup setup.

chef-automate backup test - verify your backup setup.

Backups are a critical tool for any production environment and therefore should be treated as a valuable and necessary resource.

While chef-automate has the ability to create, destroy and list backups, there is no tool to allow verify if the backup setup in place as per the config.toml is correct and working without taking and restoring a full backup.

Further to this, when there are more complicated systems with external backup drives and Elasticsearch and Postgres hosted on external servers to chef-Automate, there needs to be a tool to ensure that everything is working as expected.

The idea is - that something similar to `chef-automate backup test ` would exist as a command, and this would make sure that the backup locations are in place and accessible, ensure that all data locations needed for a backup are readable including external Elasticsearch and Postgres where necessary, and then attempt a small, sample data test backup to this location. Once this test backup is in place, it will ensure that it can read the files from the backup folder.

As mentioned this needs to work with

  • Automate as a standalone server with local backup

  • Automate as a standalone server with a remote backup location

  • Automate with external Elasticsearch

  • Automate with external Postgres

  • and any combination of the above.

  • James McCormick
  • Feb 8 2022
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