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Add data bag name to events in event feed

When a data bag item is updated, an entry shows up in the event feed like Data bag item <item_name> updated by <user>. Since multiple data bags could contain items of the same name, it's impossible to tell which particular one was updated. Please add the data bag name into these events.

  • Guest
  • Oct 7 2021
  • Currently Declined
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  • Admin
    Ankur Mundhra commented
    28 Oct, 2021 07:18am

    Thanks for your thoughts. Will it be fine if we invite you to a user interview? I have reached out to you over email.

  • Guest commented
    27 Oct, 2021 06:30pm

    Currently, the event feed is of little value to us because it is not searchable, and it covers a very limited time range. We have a very high rate of node turnover due to the use of auto-scaling groups, so it is impossible to find what changes happened during a small time frame more than ~1 hour ago. Even if we click "Load more events" hundreds of times to actually see everything at once, we still can't ctrl+f to find a specific item because what we're looking for gets collapsed with multiple other items (i.e. `13 nodes deleted by user_x`) so we have to click on each one. I previously opened as a request to be able to export the event feed to do more complex searches on the data. It would also be awesome if we could integrate it with other tools like Splunk or Datadog so we could have a single pane of glass view for monitoring and correlating changes. I also voted for to expand the time range of viewable events.

    Since you've stated the data bag issue will not be fixed in the short term, is there a workaround available to figure out what data bag was updated at a particular time? This is a rather large gap in visibility currently.

  • Admin
    Ankur Mundhra commented
    22 Oct, 2021 08:35am


    Thanks for reaching out to us. Is data bag item the only thing where you have concern with event feed, or are they more such situations wherein discoverability becomes a challenge?

    I have clubbed this idea with Event feed update section. I am hopeful, some action should be taken on this in next year.

    It is not in short term plan, hence declining for now.