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IAM Granular Roles for Chef Infra Server Views

Currently when using Chef Infra Server views with Chef Automate, IAM allows the ability to set role actions with infra:infraServers:*

It would be helpful to allow for additional granularity beyond this for different access levels for read or write capabilities (similar to the access-list behavior that is possible for these objects via knife commands) for child objects of infraServers such as:

  • Cookbooks

  • Roles

  • Environments

  • DataBags

  • Clients

  • Policies(when available)

Being able to restrict read or write capability to these child objects would be helpful in organizations to allow certain teams or users access to view/modify specific components, such as run-lists, without being able to view or modify other data components, similar to access-list control with the knife utility on Chef Infra Server.

This would help with use-cases such as:

  • Allow specific application team access to modify data bag contents named foo but not be able to view or modify other data bag contents

  • Allow operations team to view cookbooks, run-lists, roles, environments, but disallow the ability to see all data bag content.

  • Collin McNeese
  • Jul 2 2021
  • Planned
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