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Allow for nginx-based rate limiting

It would ideal if a Chef Automate HA cluster would allow for user-defined rate limiting of incoming requests. This could possibly be implemented by surfacing (perhaps to config.toml?) configurability of nginx's limit_req* directives.

This would be beneficial to Chef customers insofar that an organization could better mitigate DDoS attacks as well as generally have more control over the influx of requests to their Chef stack. Additionally, by allowing the organization to configure all aspects of limit_req* they would also be able to do things like:

  • Denylisting specific IP addresses/ranges (or even allowlisting known good ones)

  • Ensuring slow connections are closed

  • Blocking any traffic that was not forwarded by an external [to Chef Automate] load balancer

  • And many other unique use-cases

  • Austin Culter
  • Jun 24 2021
  • Currently Declined
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  • Admin
    Ankur Mundhra commented
    28 Jun, 2021 06:50am

    Thanks for bringing this to our notice, Austin! We will take a look at it while improving the HA capability in the product.