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'Infra/Client Runs' Page View: Allow for arbitrary node attributes as table header

It would be supremely cool if we were able to add a specific node attribute as a header for the table (which in turn would allow for sorting the table by said attribute).

For example: If I wanted to sort all nodes by the MTU of their en5 network interface, then I would want to be able to add node[:network][:interfaces][:en5][:mtu] as a new column header on the displayed table.

  • Austin Culter
  • Jun 10 2021
  • Currently Declined
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  • Jacob Zaval commented
    23 Jun, 2021 05:30pm

    This would be super useful for folks in my org who don't have knife privileges or chef-workstation to access this sort of data directly in Automate.

  • Ankur Mundhra commented
    15 Jun, 2021 03:15pm

    This is an interesting idea, Austin! But I will wait for upvotes from different segments before considering it. Declining it for now.