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Add optional `policy_version` to infrastructure header

Many orgs use CI/CD to build policyfiles. Many of those have a build version (1.2.3) for each policy_revision (hash).

Allow orgs to define a policy_version string in their policy that has the build-system policy version associated with the hash. If this attribute is present on a node, display it as "Policy Version" in the METADATA section of the Client run in the Infrastructure tab in Automate, underneath the "Policy Revision" hash.

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  • Ken MacLeod
  • May 7 2021
  • New
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  • Jeff Dean commented
    1 Dec 03:33pm

    Without some sort of version representation within a Policy I don't know if we'll ever be able to use them. Our Change Control folks would not allow unversioned releases.

  • Karl Fischer commented
    28 May 01:54pm

    I can just imagine sitting in a Change Control meeting a reading the SHA to a Project Manager