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Node Deletion via AutomateUI Results in Aberrant Event Feed Entry

I recently encountered an aberrant behavior whereby after a node is deleted via CLI (using `chef-automate infrastructure node-delete <nodeID>`) then the AutomateUI's 'Event Feed' will propagate an event that is missing context of who/how those nodes were deleted (in other words: the event feed item says "x nodes deleted by ").

From a user perspective, I think it would be best if the Event Feed message were to provide some indication of how those nodes were deleted (perhaps even "x nodes deleted via CLI" would suffice).

  • Austin Culter
  • Apr 14 2021
  • Currently Declined
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  • Admin
    Ankur Mundhra commented
    27 Apr 11:45am

    Thanks for your suggestion Austin!
    Am grouping this with other equivalent issues, and will wait for more upvotes on this. Hence, moving it to currently declined state.

    At the same time, I encourage you to help us discover more similar context for various events (if you have come across any :))