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Create a view or way to search which is profile-control-centric

As a customer, I often want to see how many other nodes failed a particular control, or what the state of a particular control is in general for other nodes where it is running. Right now, my options seem to be:

  • Filter by control in search

    • This is inadequate because the result set is just "nodes containing this control" and doesn't provide an immediate view of the status of that control per node

  • Drill down into a node to the particular control, and expand the control. Then I get a view in a panel on the right how this control performed on other nodes

    • This is very cumbersome

  • Tom Gordon
  • Apr 7 2021
  • Currently Declined
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  • Tom Gordon commented
    11 Jun, 2021 06:24pm

    To expand upon this one further:

    Not only is this a deficiency from a GUI standpoint, but this functionality does not even exist in the API. I cannot, for example, get the following information from either the reporting/nodes/export or reporting/nodes/search API endpoints:

    show me only the status of control_id across all nodes that it ran on between datetime X and datetime Y

    The reporting/nodes/export API is close, it can filter by the control_id as well as datetimes, but returns the entire report per every node as well, which includes a lot of information that I don't need and makes it difficult to manipulate.

    The reporting/nodes/search API doesn't appear to support filtering by control_id at all, and the datetime filtering, although documented, doesn't seem to work.

  • Caleb Holte commented
    9 Apr, 2021 03:30pm

    A control-centric view would be extremely useful to my workflow. When looking to add a new control to my Chef baseline, the first step is always to add a corresponding InSpec check to get a sense for how the addition will impact my environment. Having an easy to way to gather data on how a particular InSpec check is doing in my environment without having to export the data to excel would be a very welcome addition! It would allow us to natively use automate to communicate impact of a new change to other departments, whereas currently the data needs to be exported and presented in a different tool.

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