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Automate HA Logging Should Be Improved for Troubleshooting

When an Automate HA cluster is failed over, the postgres cluster logging is minimal to non-existent.

The logging situation overall, for all modules should improve to the point of usability before Automate HA is marked GA.

  • For examples of good logging, see a standalone Chef Server's logging output

  • Or Chef Backend. For example, the replication lag indications in the logs

  • Sean Horn
  • Mar 28 2023
  • New
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  • Matt Gough commented
    29 Mar 03:32pm

    Automate HA pglogs from backend psql nodes are not captured by chef-automate gatherlog bundles. These logs are pretty essential to troubleshooting.

    On live system they are in directory:

    In the gatherlog bundle, the /hab/svc/automate-ha-postgresql/var/ directory is not captured:
    /hab/svc/automate-ha-postgresql > ls
    total 0

    drwxr-x---@ 15 user 1083951318 480 20 Mar 14:32 config

    drwxr-xr-x@ 12 user 1083951318 384 20 Mar 14:32 logs

  • Matt Gough commented
    29 Mar 09:04am

    Proper postgresql logs would be ideal as well. Can we ship PSQL with logging setup?

  • Sean Horn commented
    28 Mar 04:49pm
    • Debug logging that applies to all services

    • Actual debug logging

    • Replication lag, so customers can choose the correct system to fail over to, or none at all

    • Per request output for services. This could be flagged by debug logging

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