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Enable password configuration for local users to support user defined password complexity and password length

Hi - Currently we cannot define the complexity of a local user password and length of the password as per desired organisation policy. this feature request is to request for a configuration through which user can define a cutom password complexity policy and well as password length.

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  • Dec 14 2022
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  • Ankur Mundhra commented
    4 Jan 01:56pm

    Basic password complexity requirements are already baked in for local users. Does it not meet your requirement? If your business case warrants for customisable business rule for password enforcement, then I think you should explore some standard LDAP provider and switch from local user to LDAP user. Do you foresee a challenge in that?

  • Guest commented
    28 Dec, 2022 04:03pm
    Hi Ankur Yes, we would like to define business rule on the password like Total length of password Count of special chapters Lower case Uppercase We do not have LdAp configuration that's why we want to use local users and enforce business rules around it.
  • Ankur Mundhra commented
    28 Dec, 2022 01:57pm

    Thanks for raising this request, Hrishikesh!
    When you say "custom password complexity", do you want a capability to define business rules on password standard? Are there minimal set of rules which you want to be configurable? Example - character length of password, minimum count of special characters, lower case, upper case characters, auto reset schedule of password etc.? Can you please elaborate more on this.

    Also, am curious to know if you have tried LDAP or SAML.