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Search Attribute Values in Automate UI and API

As a Chef Automate user, I would like to be able to search for attribute values in the Infrastructure search bar and get back a list of nodes that have a matching value.

I would like to be able to have all of my organization users use a common UI for all information regarding Chef including Infra run details and Inspec compliance checks, having this data in the Automate UI would allow me to have all users use a single UI and not rely on knife search which is limited to only power users and developers to generate data reports. This would also allow for visibility into this data when using the Effortless pattern.

For example, I might want to see which of my nodes have the sshd package so I would search for something like:

attributes: packages:sshd*

or attributes: packages_sshd_version:5* -- similar to knife search syntax?

Or I would like to some other custom attribute that my organization uses:

attribute: important-attribute_with-a-subkey:production

  • Collin McNeese
  • Mar 9 2021
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  • Ram Joshi commented
    26 Mar, 2021 04:45pm

    My Customer also asked for similar request like if they can how many nodes are coming from Azure or AWS or GCP vs how many from Data Center.

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