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Collapse search history in client run

When you go to filter client runs the search history covers the filter list. Allow for collapse or move of the history.

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  • Jun 27 2019
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  • Admin
    Victoria Jeffrey commented
    17 Jul 18:35

    We've seen the same behavior locally; this is a browser setting issue, and is user configurable.

    From our developers:

    "Go to chrome://settings/addresses and turn off the "Save and fill addresses"

    With that control on I see the below (screenshot).

    With it off the black box disappears."

  • Admin
    Victoria Jeffrey commented
    17 Jul 21:37

    following up, it looks like our developers found an in-code trick to help with this, so we will get that work prioritized

  • Daniel Bright commented
    09 Aug 17:50

    Looks like this is fixed in the latest version hooray!

  • Admin
    Mike Krasnow commented
    26 Aug 16:03

    Confirmed fixed in the August 5th release:

  • Daniel Bright commented
    26 Aug 17:04


    On Mon, Aug 26, 2019 at 12:03 PM Chef, Inc. (Mike Krasnow) <> wrote: