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Standardize APIs more consistently across services

Currently, if I want to export data from a `cfgmgmt` endpoint via the api using a curl, I can use `-d` to send a requestBody stating what output type I want (json), that looks like this:

curl -sS -H "api-token: ${token}" "https://${automate_url}/api/v0/cfgmgmt/nodes/export" -d '{"output_type":"json","filter":[],"sorting":{"field":"name","order":0}}'


However, if I try to use one of the compliance endpoints, that requestBody is fairly different:

curl -sS -H "api-token: ${token}" "https://${automate_url}/api/v0/compliance/reporting/export" -d '{"type":"json","filters":[{"type":"start_time","values":["2019-11-12T00:00:00Z"]},{"type":"end_time","values":["2019-11-12T23:59:59Z"]}]}'



One can see that the way to specify desired output type is different, This is just a small example that makes using the API difficult to use. Small discrepancies like this might also make it harder to document and patch correct usage of the api.

Another example is `filter` vs. `filters` in the above code blocks.

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  • Nov 14 2019
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